Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crouse Tribute Dinner 2015

Last night we went to the Annual Crouse Tribute Dinner. It's the fancy black-tie shin-dig that we get to go to every year because Eric produces the video for the show.

Eric and Bob. (Eric works with Bob, they are the talent behind the video.)

Contemplating Eric.

An 1,100 person cocktail party.

Apple Cinnamon Sangria. I need to get the recipe for this!! It was so good.

The tree that was our centerpiece.

An intimate dinner for 1,100.

All fancied-up.

Interesting salad. 

Filet mignon. And no, those are not mashed potatoes under the steak. They are parsnips. (Blech.)

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Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

My "little girl" all grown up!!!!!

I agree on the Parsnips!