Sunday, September 20, 2015

Horse Show

Yesterday we spent the day at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse for the New York Morgan Horse Regional Championship. It was a neat event. And our first official horse show. The Bennetts were there, so naturally we had to meet them.

Melissa (above) was showing her horse, Roger. 

The paparazzi was there. (Mike & Eric)

I was nervously watching. But not as nervous as Melissa's mother in the background!

Melissa was the "Reserve Champion" for her Class. (Which is a fancy word for 2nd place.)

Eric was being artsy.

A B&W of the stable area.

Some of the ribbons from the week for Melissa's Trainer/Stable. 

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Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

As you probably know we like to go to the horse shows at the PA Farm Show. Don't know anyone showing or doing their thing however.