Sunday, October 18, 2015

Albany Visit

I know I posted these on Facebook, but I'll keep them here too. I went to Albany yesterday to take Alex to lunch and deliver his birthday gifts.

It was a beautiful day. But really cold! On the way there, it snowed, hailed, rained and was even sunny in places. But cold all the way.

This is Alex's dorm - called Dutch Quad. He's on the first floor of the building in the front of this photo. It's actually a huge square that goes all around the outside of the tall tower. There are 4 of these identical buildings on campus. This one has upperclassmen in it.

I love fall in the northeast. It's gorgeous everywhere you turn.

This is Liberty Terrace. A dorm for juniors/seniors. This is where Alex wants to live next year. They all get single rooms (hallelujah!) and they have kitchens so they don't have to go to the dining halls. Alex announced he wants to learn how to cook now. So we'll work on that during his next few breaks. He does have a few meals in his repertoire, but he'll need more.

Another view of Dutch Quad. I believe one of those windows on the building in the front is Alex's.

We went to 2 malls in Albany (that are only 2 miles apart - so strange), anyway in the first one there were hundreds of people waiting in a line that went from one end of the mall to the other. We saw a sign that said Tino Martinez was going to be there. Neither of us knew who that was. 

But thousands of others did! We googled him and I was embarrassed. He was a former NY Yankee. And apparently a pretty good one. Who knew!

The typical teenage pose these days. He was checking the college football scores.

The end of the day. Full of Cheesecake Factory lunch, holding bags full of new purchases and a coffee coolatta to go. We had a good day. Hard to believe the next time we'll see him it will be Thanksgiving. Time flies.

* * * In other news... I have a job interview next week. Or should I say a 2nd interview. I applied for a design job a few weeks ago and they called me. I had a phone interview last week. And an in-person interview next week. It brought back all the nervous feelings I had last year. I hate interviews. But this time it'll be different. I don't NEED a job. I have a job. It doesn't pay all that well, but I have a job. And I know they're giving me a raise in January. (They already told me that.) So maybe being less nervous about needing a job will help me to be more relaxed during this interview. It would be nice to get back into being a designer. And it would be really nice to make a decent salary again. So fingers crossed that everything goes well.

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