Monday, November 30, 2015

Post Thanksgiving Post

I've been slacking again with the blog posts. It's not like we haven't been doing things. I'm just lazy and forgetful. And even over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I totally forgot to take pictures of anything. Except the tree lighting/decorating. Which is below.

2 weekends ago, Eric and I joined some friends for the "Escape the Estate" challenge. There's a place up in Fulton called Frightmare Farms. They have an attraction where you have 1 hour to figure out how to escape. It was fun and challenging, but we did it!

I celebrated a birthday last week. Here's my cookie monster cupcake. 

And Eric took me to dinner to our going-to-be-new-favorite-place, The Bull & Bear. It was wonderful.

I received this wonderful arrangement/centerpiece from my parents.

This was the only photo I took on Thanksgiving day. I guess I was too busy cooking! The turkey came out great though! 

Eric putting the star on the tree (Which doesn't seem to light up anymore..)

Alex made a quick appearance to hang his ornaments. (In reality, I decorated the entire tree by myself... sigh...)

The finished product. We'll have to figure out the problem with the star on top. 

I can't believe I have the entire house decorated and it's not even December yet! I think this is a new record for me. Might just have been that I had the opportunity, so I took it. The next few weekends up to Christmas are going to be pretty busy.