Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Crouse Tribute Gala

So after a very long and difficult week, we were able to have a nice night out. The 40th Annual Crouse Tribute Gala is held at the OnCenter in Syracuse. This year was their biggest year yet. There were well over 1,100 people in attendance. And they brought in $500,000 for the Crouse Foundation.

Each year the Foundation picks a person or people who contribute either monetarily or otherwise to Crouse Hospital. Eric produces a 10 minute video about the honorees. Most years there are lots of tears, this year was no exception. Eric is an excellent story teller. 

Eric with Bob, his former co-worker. (Bob just retired.)

The cocktail hour. Eric got to enjoy a beer!
And there were no problems and it didn't taste funny, so all was good. He can't hold things that are cold though, an unusual side effect of the chemo, so he had to hold a bunch of napkins on the bottle to keep the cold away from his fingers. He can't eat or drink frozen things either. But the beer was just fine. 

The stage with the band.

A shot before anybody sat down, the room was decorated so nicely. 

Cool centerpieces.

Since the event is a hospital thing, we ran into Eric's surgeon and the nurse practitioner who is helping us at the Oncology place. They were both happy to see Eric looking and feeling good.

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Welcome back to blogland. Thanks for all the updates. We are sending along as many prayers as we can.............