Monday, October 31, 2016


Tonight was our 2nd Annual "Avoid Halloween" dinner at Twin Trees Pizza. We're all empty-nesters and have no more trick or treaters at home, so we decided last year that we would all go to dinner to avoid the candy-passing out thing. The money we all saved on candy for kids we don't know, went towards our dinner! We had so much fun, we've decided to make it a tradition. This was our 2nd year. We all even sat in the same seats that we sat in last year. 

We have to stay for 2 hours (from 6-8) so that we avoid the whole trick-or-treat thing. We have a nice leisurely dinner and dessert. And lots of laughs.

This was our dessert - a brownie sundae. Don't worry, we shared it! 

But sadly, we're now back to reality. Eric has a 8:30am check-in time tomorrow morning at the Oncology place... Boo.

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