Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fondue and Chocolate Donuts

We had a "date day" yesterday. We had a late lunch/early dinner at The Melting Pot, which is a fun Fondue restaurant. Neither of us had ever been to a Fondue restaurant, so it was a new experience.

We started with some wine. Eric has taken to red wine lately, since it's served at room temp.
I had some nice White Zinfandel.

Our first course was a cheese fondue. They served a lot of things to dip into the cheese, such as various breads, veggies and apples. We also had a side of 'artisan meats', which included prosciutto ham and various 'cured' meats. The cheese was fantastic. I could have eaten it with a spoon.

We also had the chocolate dessert fondue. That was amazing. We would go back just to have the chocolate fondue. It was served with lots of bite-sized goodies, such as strawberries, pineapple, rice krispy treats, brownies, marshmallows and some other tasty treats. It was awesome. 

After our relaxing lunch, we walked around the mall for an hour or so. The big mall. It was crowded, but we got a few miles worth of steps in. And did a little bit of shopping too.

This morning we made some more baked donuts. This time we made chocolate. These were great, especially the chocolate glaze. I dipped some of them in fall colored sprinkles for a little festive touch. Next week, we're going to try vanilla donuts. They're so quick and easy to make and are a nice treat for breakfast. I highly recommend them!

Eric is gearing up mentally for round #4 on Tuesday. He's been feeling pretty good this weekend, but not looking forward to what's ahead. He'll be 1/3 of the way done on Tuesday though!

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Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

Going right back to the 60s with that fondue. I remember the parties your dad and I went to that had a fondue pot on the food table. That was a LOOOOONG time ago. Glad to see it back.