Monday, October 17, 2016

New Toy

Eric bought himself a new toy this weekend. 

It's some sort of keyboard thing and it looks really neat. And he likes it a lot. It looks like a Fischer Price toy to me, but apparently it's quite a powerful little machine.
(It's an "OP-1" by Teenage Engineering, It's a mini synthesizer made in Sweden.)

Tomorrow is infusion #3. We're hoping for another uneventful session and after-session. And we're hoping he's not as nauseous this time. Eric ended up having to go to the doctor this week to get his white blood cells checked because he was just not feeling as well as he should have been. But things were ok and he's feeling better now. He's not looking forward to the side effects, but he'll get through it. Each treatment means there's one less to do and he'll be closer to being done!

Speaking of being done, we've been discussing a celebratory trip to Disney in the spring when this is all over. That'll be something really nice to look forward to. 


Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

Yes you should go. He will have earned it!

Whitaker Woods said...

A Disney trip would be awesome!!