Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Round 3

Eric was not thrilled about having chemo today. But he went and he did well. He drank all the water he was supposed to drink today. He even gained 2 lbs since last week. So that was all good. 

This machine is showing information for the last of the infusions for the day. 11 min. and he was free. Well, except for the pump he gets to wear for 46 more hours. But at least that's portable. It's not fun dragging the IV pole with the squeaky wheels to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

He had the same area he had during week 1. No outside view for us today. 

Eric noticed that the side effects started before the infusion was even over today. The other 2 times the side effects started later in the day. They came on much quicker this time. He went right home after the treatment and took a nap. When I got home from work, I made us a dinner (comfort food: grilled cheese and tomato soup!) and he ate it all and even had dessert. He's so far just feeling "blah". Cold water is too cold to touch or drink, and his jaw really hurts when he takes a first bite (but then it's ok after a minute or so.) I'm sure the other side effects will be along shortly.

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