Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some Favorite Places

We started our morning visiting our favorite donut shop in Phoenix, Just Donuts.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them a few times. They're small and local and delicious.

Eric had the 2 chocolate frosted donuts and the 2 plain glazed donuts in the middle.
Mine were the 2 cider donuts coated in cinnamon sugar at the top.

For dinner, we went to the Bull & Bear. Our favorite local restaurant.

Eric was really hungry! He had his favorite chicken and biscuits. I had a Baja Fish Burrito. Everything was excellent as usual.

We finished up our day watching a few movies and are currently in the middle of an old Pink Panther movie on Hulu. Those are always fun. Eric had a big bowl of ice cream tonight with no side-effects at all. Maybe those just happen within the first few days of a treatment. He is pleased that his taste buds are still working correctly. He needs to eat to keep up his strength, so it helps that the food still tastes good.

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