Thursday, October 27, 2016

Standoffs and Snow

Eric is having a pretty good week. He's feeling ok (other than the usual blahs.) He's eating well and has no mouth sores this week (yeah!) One thing he has noticed more this week however, is the thinning of his hair. They (the doctors) said his hair most likely wouldn't fall out, but it could become thin. And it is.

Last night there was some excitement in the neighborhood. We got a reverse 911 call telling us there was an "intoxicated, armed man wandering the neighborhood and we should not leave our house..." That was a little bit unsettling, as was looking out the front window seeing a bunch of cop cars lined up down our street. It was a couple of hours before we found out what was really going on. It was a domestic dispute and the man had eventually barricaded himself in his home (he was alone). Things ended peacefully and quietly and the police took him into custody. We weren't really sure which house it was exactly, but the next morning it was all over the news. 

And we found out it was the house right behind us.Which would explain why there were so many cops near our house!

Oh and we also saw a little bit of snow this morning. You can see it in the photo above. Seems like winter is on its way even though there are still a lot of leaves that have yet to fall.


Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

That street behind you has had a couple of interesting residents.....l

Amanda said...

Yes... that side of the road is a little scary. I hope there are no other 'incidents' over there!!