Sunday, October 23, 2016

Treats, no Tricks

Eric's appetite hasn't been that great the last couple of weeks. He's been nauseous and just doesn't feel like eating most of the time. He has been forcing himself to eat though, knowing he has to. And sometimes once he starts eating, he realizes he's really hungry. Which is nice. He also likes treats, so here are a few we had this weekend.

Eric's mom made him a very tasty coconut cream pie yesterday. We went for a little road trip to go pick it up. We enjoyed it after dinner. It was delicious!

This morning I made "baked donuts" for breakfast, which are much healthier than regular, fried donuts. Eric saw a recipe on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and mentioned them. So I found some special donuts pans (TJ Maxx special!) and this morning I made some baked donuts. They're mini-donuts, not big ones, so they're even healthier, right?

They came out really well. We both liked them a lot. I'll definitely be making them again. This time they were regular cinnamon sugar donuts, but I found a bunch of other recipes too. Chocolate donuts, apple cider donuts, pumpkin donuts, vanilla cake donuts... the possibilities are endless.

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