Sunday, November 6, 2016

Quiet Weekend

We had a very quiet weekend. Eric slept a lot on Saturday. We both enjoyed the extra hour overnight into Sunday.

The weather this weekend was very nice for this time of year. Yesterday was warmer, but today Eric had enough energy to go for a walk. So we did the 1.1 mile loop around the neighborhood. It was around 48 degrees out, but the sun warmed things up a little bit. And Eric bundled up pretty well.

It wore him out though, he came back home and took a nap. 

I've been doing a lot of cleaning this weekend, it's been a good weekend for it. I've had to tear apart the inside of the kitchen cupboards. We've had a mouse family (of 3) living under the dishwasher again. We had the hardest time getting rid of them, but we finally figured out the best way. (Glue houses work great!) Their lease was "terminated" this week, so I've been cleaning up the mess they left behind. Which included taking every single item out and washing it. Fun times.

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