Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Round #5

Round #5 is in the books. The patient is home and resting comfortably. Today he had an "extra" medication within his cocktail of usual drugs. Lorazepam was added today.  It's an anti-nausea drug, which also makes you very drowsy. It helps with anxiety too. He doesn't usually get that because he's been driving himself each time. They don't allow you to have the drug if you're going to be driving. Today I drove him there, and his friend Bob (pictured above) drove him home. So it worked out well. I also think it's good for him not to drive himself anymore. The side effects come on so quickly now, it's best that he takes it easy the whole day.

Today we tried something a little bit different, and I thank Bob for being willing and able to help. I got Eric to his appointment this morning, but only stayed for a couple of hours. I went back to work and Bob stayed with Eric the rest of the time and then drove him home. It was so nice to have someone to help ease the load a little bit. 

We're hoping for a restful evening and a good next few days for him. Each dosage gets a little bit harder as the drugs build up and works to make sure the cancer doesn't return.

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D said...

Thinking of you guys and wishing we were closer to help out. You're almost halfway and soon it will be behind you both. Sending lots of love your way.