Sunday, December 11, 2016


Well, this weekend didn't really go quite as planned. I went to my company Christmas party on Friday without Eric. We were concerned about him picking up germs. I was only there a couple of hours. And he had a friend visit while I was gone. So that was all good.

On Saturday we just hung out. I got some groceries and picked up Chinese food for dinner. Hours later, I was in the bathroom for the night. I picked up some nasty stomach bug. (Or food poisoning... we're not really sure.) By the morning I was feeling well enough to start bleaching everything I might have touched and laundered everything I was in contact with. And now we hope that Eric won't get the bug. Or whatever it was. We ate different things, so if it was food poisoning, it wouldn't hit him.

So that's all I really have to report for the weekend. Hoping for a good week ahead.

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