Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Morning

Jenny is very excited for Christmas! Her newest Bark Box is waiting for Christmas morning. (She knows it's in the house... and it's driving her crazy.)

Alex came and went. He's spending the holiday weekend in NH with his grandparents and father. I'm happy the weather seems to be on the mild side for safe travels. 

And Novak is here for the weekend! Eric is thrilled and is enjoying the visit very much. 

The side effects from Round 7 are pretty intense. Eric's hands are hurting him the most, they're swollen and painful. And extremely sensitive to cold. He also has very little appetite, however he is eating. We got Chinese food last night and that seemed to go over well. (And we tried a new place so nobody got food poisoning. Another plus!)

We're looking forward to a weekend spent with family and hope that all of our blog readers have a wonderful Christmas!

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