Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Morning Update

We're on day 5 at Crouse Hospital. We had a little snow this morning, expecting a bunch more later today.

Eric is doing ok this morning. He's still on a clear liquid diet. Had more chicken broth for breakfast. Not sure when he'll be allowed anything more substantial.  He's really hoping it's soon. 

He's very weak and gets winded just going to the bathroom. Which he visits several times an hour. Which seems concerning to me, since it's a  just liquid coming out. But at least something is going through.

We're waiting for the doctor to stop by today to see what the plan is and how things are going. He's being fed a lot of potasium through the IV because it's very low. And he's still getting fluids too.

If anyone is local and would like to visit, let me know. He has enjoyed people coming to see him. 

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Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

Good to see Eric sitting up in a chair......... I wish we lived close enough to some by for a visit.