Wednesday, December 28, 2016



Eric had quite a day. He's now resting comfortably in the ICU. The series of events that led to the ICU was pretty scary, but he's there and he's stable and he's in really good hands. 

They're still trying to pinpoint the exact kind of infection that he has. It's in the intestines, they know that and they're treating it with strong anti-biotics while they try to figure out the exact cause.

One thing that was worrying the doctors was the fact that there was no noise coming from his intestines, which could signify a blockage. The CT scan showed no blockage, but something was definitely wrong. And there was a LOT of liquid in his stomach (which they saw on an ultrasound) that was just sitting there and not moving. They ended up having to put a tube through his nose and down his throat and into his stomach to get the contents out. They filled 2 big containers full of liquid pretty quickly. He started to feel a little bit of relief. 

The photo above is his new room in the ICU. I am so thankful that Paula and Gary were there tonight. Not only for support, but for the questions they asked and the answers they got. I could not have gotten through tonight (well, last night since it's now 2am) without them.

We felt confident enough to all go home around 1 am and get some sleep. Eric is in excellent hands. The ICU staff at Crouse is amazing. 


Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

I hope you all got a good nights sleep, or at least some good sleep. Glad to hear some good news for a change! Will keep on praying hard.

Ann said...


I am thinking of you both. Nice way to get out of traffic--LOL. I hope Eric's recovery is speedy. We miss you at work. You know my number if you need anything. How is Jennie holding up?

Russ Hayden said...

WOW I can't Tell you how sorry I'm feeling for you right now.