Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lucky 7

Today was a chilly 4 degrees when we got up, but the sun was shining. 

Eric had his 7th Chemo infusion today. We were told the 7th infusion was a "plateau" of sorts. And with the 7th infusion, he would also be getting some more drugs in case of any reaction to the high levels of chemo drugs that are now residing in his body. 

Bob was there again (and chauffeured Eric home.) Bob was the Grinch, Eric was Santa. This was completely unplanned.

So the new drugs really threw Eric for a loop. They completely wiped him out and made him feel drunk. He says he doesn't remember a lot of the afternoon. He went right home and slept almost until I got home from work. He was pretty comatose. He did eat a good dinner and is resting now. I thought I'd put a list together of all the drugs he took today. It's quite a cocktail. The first 5 drugs are for side effects, the last 3 are the actual Chemo drugs.

1. Fosaprepitant - anti-nausea
2. Dexamethasone - steroids
3. Palonosetron - anti-nausea 
4. Lorazapam - anxiety, anti-nausea
5. Rantidine aka Zantac - Antihistamine (helps prevents chemo toxicities)
Chemo drugs... (the FolFox regimen)
6. Leucovorin 
7. Oxaliplatin
8. 5-FU or 5-Fluorouracil


I took this video with my phone, I have no idea if it will play correctly.
Eric doesn't remember this, he was pretty out of it. 

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