Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Update

Eric's mom came by for another visit today. As you can see he's very happy about that.

We had a talk with Eric's doctor earlier. Looks like Eric will be here a couple of more days. His potassium and phosphate levels are low. And they're having a hard time getting them high enough. And he's super swollen on top of that. Plus he's still going to the bathroom just about once an hour. Nothing is sticking in there long enough to do its job. Even the pills he's taking are going right through. So he's back on the IV for the potassium. And gets any shots he needs through the IV line.

It's been a very slow process getting back to normal. A lot slower than we thought it would be. He had a big hill to climb though. But he has come a long way since Tuesday.

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