Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday Morning Update

Eric is having continued improvements. Although there are still some things going on that are concerning. We noticed last night that his feet were really swollen.  They weighed him today and he was up 10 lbs from last Thursday, which was odd since he hasn't eaten in a week. But they said it's fluid retention. His legs are huge (for him) and his right arm is swollen too. They had to take off his wrist band because it was too tight. It was loose when he got here 6 days ago. So he's currently off the IV which pleases him very much. He's not hooked up to anything at the moment. We're waiting for the doctor to come around to discuss. The Dr on duty today is actually his oncologist.

Eric had an adventurous night last night. He got up at 4:30 to go to the bathroom and noticed the floor was all wet. He thought he'd had an accident, and called the nurse. She realized the IV bag was leaking. So they cleaned that all up and saw his IV entrance on his arm was all bloody, so they decided to access his port for the IV instead. After a failed attempt (owww), they got it. 

He tried scrambled eggs for breakfast but had a hard time eating them. His mouth is extremely dry. 

He's now trying to figure out what to order for lunch. 

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