Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Morning Update

Eric will be moved out of ICU today and into a regular room for continued care and observation. This is really good news. He still has the  NG tube in, but we're hoping that comes out today. They need to make sure there is sufficient movement going through the bowels first. According to a text I got from him at 5am, there was a "situation" that included some movement, so maybe that's a good sign!

He's actually a lot more alert now and even texting. If you want to try to send him a direct message, he will see it and maybe even respond depending on his energy level. I've gotten a few from him this morning.

When the tube is finally out, he can start drinking liquids and maybe even eating. He hasn't had any food intake since Saturday afternoon. He needs to regain his strength before he can go home. I'm heading back up right now and I'll post again this afternoon, hopefully from a new room.

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