Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday Afternoon Update

Looks like Eric might have finally rounded a corner. The doctors are now leaning towards severe dehydration. They think the intestines basically shut down, causing the stomach to fill up with liquids because nothing was getting through. It's very serious and very painful. They are still waiting for blood cultures to come back to rule out infection, so he'll still be on antibiotics until then.

In the meantime, he has started to have an urge to urinate, which he was not having before, so that means things are starting to get through again. Slowly but surely.

His blood pressure has been good all afternoon. It had been really low. He's pretty weak and has slept a lot today. He's getting some color back in his face too.

The plan for him as of now is to stay in the ICU at least through tomorrow. Then if he's doing well enough, he can be moved to a regular room on the 4th floor for continued care until he can go home. It would be nice to be home by the New Year.


Ann said...

❤️ to you both. Don't get sick, Amanda. You need your strength. Hope to see you soon.

Kimberly Roden said...

Things are looking up! Great news! Hope he can be home soon to ring in the new year!