Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We're Half Way There.

So, the good news is, Eric had his 6th Chemo treatment today. The bad news is, his White Blood Cell count was still low. But they had him do the Chemo anyway. Eric was a little concerned about that. (I was too.)

Last week his WBC count was at 1.1. It's supposed to be higher than 1.5. Today is was 0.8. On Thursday he'll be receiving a Neulasta shot. Neulasta helps the body make white blood cells. He can't have the shot until 24 hours of having chemo. And since he'll be having the dreaded pump removed on Thursday, they will give him the Neulasta shot at the same time. He's not looking forward to any "extra" side effects from the shot... the Chemo side effects are back with a vengeance today. 

In the meantime, he needs to stay away from germs and people with germs. I do wish he'd just stay home, but he insists on going to work. He did pick up a mask today that he can wear so he doesn't catch anything. 

Today he had a couple of visitors. Gary was there (and he also drove him home) and Bob P. stopped by again too. It's so nice that Eric has such a great family and friends. Once Bob got there, I headed back to work. It's such a relief knowing that there are people there with him so I'm able to go back to work without worrying about him. We've both pretty much run out of time off, so conserving what little time we have left is a very good thing.

That blanket you see on Eric's lap -- it's heated. And it's lovely.

Santa stopped by. Eric thinks he might have passed gas while passing out gifts. 

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