Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Working Hard

Eric sent me this picture of himself today from his desk. 

It was in response to this photo that I sent him of me (and my co-worker Mary.) My company took us to a long lunch "meeting" today at the local Movie Tavern. We got to eat lunch and watch a fun movie and go back to work 3 hours later. Work perks are so nice! 

Eric's doing ok though (other than being thoroughly jealous of my fun day), he's got some mouth sores that are bothering him and his stomach hasn't been very happy. He's eating and drinking as he should be though. Hopefully he's kept the few pounds on that he gained last week. I've been buying him lots of donuts. He seems to be tolerating and enjoying the sugar filled, calorie loaded treats, so I pick a couple up whenever I go to Wegmans. 

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