Thursday, January 12, 2017

Doctor Visit

Eric had an appointment with the oncologist yesterday. It was decided that Eric would continue with the chemo, but at a reduced dosage and with added fluids. His next round (#8) will be on Tuesday. Even with the reduced dosage, the benefits outweigh the risks of stopping completely. So he'll continue as long as he can. 5 to go.

We had a very busy day yesterday. After work and after the doctor, Eric's friend Chris came up from NJ for a visit and the 2 went out to dinner. (The beer was Chris', Eric's not quite up for that just yet!) Eric had a great time hanging out with Chris. Eric has the best friends.

And this was Eric's dessert.

And meanwhile, as Eric was enjoying dinner with Chris, I went to see Mama Mia! 

Me and my friend Erin, and Sue and other Sue and Sue's sister Carol enjoyed a really fun show! I'll be singing Dancing Queen for days!

And we got to enjoy an adult beverage beforehand too. What a fun evening. 

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