Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Egg Drop Soup

Eric was a teeny bit cranky this morning. He's rarely cranky, so trust me, he's allowed to be cranky when he wants to be. I'm ok with that. He was having trouble finding something to take for lunch. Nothing was really appealing to him. And he mentioned that he wished I'd made some Egg Drop Soup like I said I was going to. Then I felt really bad that I'd forgotten. He ended up making a turkey sandwich for himself, even though he didn't really want it. Sandwiches are kind of dry for him, his throat is still being funky from the chemo/drugs/etc. So he prefers things that aren't dry. Like soup.

We each went off to work and on my way I thought it would be nice to surprise him with some Egg Drop Soup. But my morning was really busy and the weather was gross, so I really couldn't go out to get him anything. So I called a nearby Chinese food place and had them deliver his beloved Egg Drop Soup. He sent me this photo. I might have ordered the largest container in the world, but at least he'll have lunch for tomorrow too. 

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Whitaker Woods said...

You two are the perfect pair. Love you guys!