Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Stuff

Eric bought himself a new toy today. A soundbar and a sub-woofer. It goes nicely with his other new toy, the stereo. We have quite the acoustic set up in the living room now! And it sounds great. And he's happy, so that's all that matters!

And this makes me happy. This years "Cape House" for our September vacation. It's 66 North Shore Boulevard if anyone wants to check it out. (Click on the address.) And there's plenty of room for visitors! 

Eric is having a pretty good weekend. He ventured out to Best Buy today (for the speakers) and we had a big steak dinner tonight. He's feeling pretty good, which is so good to see. He even had ice cream for dessert. I can't wait for his weigh-in on Tuesday! The only thing really bothering him at this point is fatigue. But that's expected and naps are a good thing.


D said...

What a beautiful place. We'd love to visit if possible. I know I'm looking forward to better times ahead as I'll bet you guys are:)

Whitaker Woods said...

Very nice! Is this the same place you go to?

Amanda said...

Diane - I hope you all can come to visit us while we're on the Cape! And yes, we're all looking forward to better (healthier) times!

Paula - this is the same beach and same road, but a new house. We were looking for something a little bit bigger this time and not necessarily right on the beach. The tropical storm last year put a damper on being right on the beach!