Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Update

Today Eric had a nice treat from Dunkin Donuts. 

And I had a nice treat from Jimmy John's. I'm not sure which of us was happier.

Eric's friend John stopped by for a visit. John has been such a great friend to Eric through all of this.

The weather was lovely on this first day of January. 

I left the hospital for a little bit this afternoon to go for a walk and to pick up coffee and lunch. This is Marshall Street right next to the Syracuse University campus. It's usually hopping with college kids. But it's Christmas break and it's a holiday to boot, so it was empty. 

Here's a shot of the front of the hospital on the way back from my walk.

And breaking news... Eric just went to the bathroom and only had to pee. That's the first time in 8 days that he's been able to do that. And he said it was clear. Which means he's hydrated. All good things.


Synthwedge said...

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you buddie. Today's posts look encouraging! Why does this have to happen? You're just a guy doing your thing, and bam. Sucks. We're definitely thinking about you and praying for you dude.

Beth @ Conversations from my House said...

Glad there is some good news. Thinking of you both so much.
Sending lots of love your way. And some prayers too.