Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Day After

Bob sent this photo to us today. I thought I'd share since I thought it was a really cool shot. 

Eric is doing ok today. He's trying hard to keep the fluids flowing. He drank (2) 20 oz. Vitamin Waters today, had some chicken broth with his egg drop soup (of course) and for dinner he had a pretty big serving of beef stew. So he's eating pretty well. He is still having issues swallowing though, but even though he's having a hard time with that, he's still forcing himself to eat and drink. 

Here's our hydration station... I stopped by BJ's tonight to stock up on Vitamin Water and Powerade. We were running low. He likes the Vitamin Water a lot more then he likes plain water, so it's a good alternative for him. And it has to be warmer than room temperature for him to tolerate it well. It's almost like it has to be body temp for him to be ok with it. Sometimes I'll soak a bottle in hot water for a few minutes to warm it up so it goes down easier. It's really crazy the things those Chemo drugs do to a body. Hopefully they are also doing what they're supposed to be doing, not just creating crazy, painful side effects.

Tomorrow he gets the pump removed around noon and then gets to relax for 2 hours while he gets some more hydration via IV. I told him he should just take a nice nap. I'm sure he'll be able to fall asleep no problem. 


Synthwedge said...

So far so good!

Synthwedge said...

That IS a cool photo. Thinking about you guys!