Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Update

Eric had a quiet day at home today. He's still having some issues with diarrhea. He's been 4 times today. And that's with the medication. He had a craving for pizza tonight, so I picked up a homemade pizza from Nichols and brought it home and baked it. He ate 4 pieces! It wasn't greasy, so we're hoping it sticks around awhile. I think that's the most he's eaten in one sitting in about 2 weeks. It's nice that he's getting his appetite back. He just needs to keep the food in him for longer so it can be absorbed and so he can put a few pounds back on him.

Also, notice in the picture above that Jenny is about as close as she can get to him. She is SO happy that he's home. She was lost when he wasn't here. He's her favorite.

* * * I was told I should add a disclaimer here. There are a couple of graphic pictures below.
If you are squeamish, proceed with caution. * * *

So, Eric is having another issue too. His hands look like they have burns on them that have blistered and started peeling. It looks really painful, but he says it's not. Unless he catches the skin on something. He's got some bad neuropathy in his fingers from the chemo, so he doesn't feel things like he used to because his fingers are kind of numb.

Doesn't that look awful? I hope this heals quickly and I hope he starts feeling normal again very soon. It sucks all that he's been going through. He deserves some better days ahead. 

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