Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best Friends and Todd

I just wanted to let everyone know that Jenny is still BFF's with the Airplane. She has a new friend, the Hippo, but not to worry. The Airplane is still a favorite. I know someone (mom) was concerned about the poor Airplane. But no need to worry. 

Eric is noticing that his feet and hands are kind of numb and it's hard to hold on to things. But he's keeping the positive attitude and just said "Another day down..." Less than 3 weeks from the final infusion.

And soon we'll let you in on our celebration vacation. Plans are in the works... but not finalized.

Oh! And this is huge news for Eric. He perked right up when he found this out tonight. Todd Rundgren is coming to the Syracuse Jazz Fest in June! I already put it on the calendar. 

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Synthwedge said...

Can't wait for you guys to be done with this as I'm sure you can't as well! Hang in there! Count me in on Jazz fest!!!