Tuesday, March 14, 2017


He did it! All 12 treatments are done. I know there were many times in the last few months that he didn't think he could do it or that he'd ever be done. But he did it!

The nurse was getting ready to hang the very last bit of chemo drugs.

This was early on in the morning. It got quite a lot worse as the morning went on. It doesn't look like it's going to stop snowing until sometime tomorrow night. 

The 3 amigos. We are so thankful for Bob over the last 8 months. He's been there for Eric each step of this journey. He's visited in the hospital (every time Eric was there) and has been to every Chemo treatment. He's helped with rides and been a great friend to Eric and to me. We'll miss seeing him every other Tuesday, but now we can hang out and do normal things together. Like go to the Cape in September!!!

Eric had a pretty good day today. I actually took a personal day, so I was able to be with him all day. The weather was so bad, we didn't want Bob to have to drive all the way up to our house, so I drove Eric home today and just stayed home. My office ended up closing early too, so it all worked out. 

Eric came home and took a really good nap. We ate a nice lunch and just relaxed all afternoon. I posted a little something on Facebook today about everything he has been through. There was a huge outpouring of support for him, I think he really appreciated all the kind words, I know I did. We really hadn't told a lot of people what was going on, it was good to get it out there along with the good news that Chemo is over. He has a follow up appointment in 4 weeks, where I imagine they will set a date for a scan to make sure everything is a-ok. 

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