Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Exciting Tuesday

We did something a little wild and crazy tonight. We switched couches! I know, we know how to mix it up and keep things exciting.

We had an interesting call from the doctor's office today. Apparently the Neulasta shot Eric been getting after each chemo treatment is no longer covered by our insurance. He only has one more to go! Our insurance is requiring us to get it from a CVS mail order pharmacy. We have to do that with all of our "regular" prescriptions that are long-term (like my thyroid medication) but this isn't really a "prescription", it's a shot that's necessary for his white blood cell count to remain high. And it's also not a long-term medication. So I don't really understand what the issue is. Oh and in case you were wondering, one Neulasta shot is $4,194.

We could tell you some stories about our experience these past 9 months and the unbelievable high cost of not only the insurance and medications, but the medical costs too. And each bill we get seems to be different for the same exact treatment or service. One week Chemo cost $4,000. The next week it was well over $10,000. Thank goodness for "out of pocket maximums." We hit that last year in September. This year we'll hit it in March. If you're going to go through a major medical issue, try to start it in January so you can squeeze it in during one calendar year.

(And I'll get off my soap box now...) 

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