Friday, March 17, 2017

It's Friday!

Eric has been extremely tired the last couple of days. His hands and feet are still really bothering him too. He says they're getting worse. Which is so odd because he hasn't had the drug with that side effect for a month. I'm so glad they stopped giving that one to him. It could have gotten so much worse. 

He never got the Neulasta shot. There was too much confusion with the insurance company and the CVS mail order place, so it was never sent. Hopefully Eric will be fine without it. 

The latest (and last) edition of the Bark Box included a pod of edamame's. It was a green edamame pod with those 3 yellowish-green edamame's in it. She LOVES them. If you stuff them back into the pod, she'll get them right back out. She likes the edamame's more than she likes the pod. And this was unplanned, but the airplane is still right there with her. Hippo is to the right, but not seen. She's awfully possessive of her toys.

Last night I got to go see Wicked. A friend from work had tickets and asked me to go with her. It was nice to get out and be an adult for an evening. And Eric got to stay home and have a long nap without me bothering him, so we both won! It was a great musical and a fun night. 

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