Thursday, March 30, 2017

World Records

Jenny loves Eric.

Eric is doing ok. Slow improvements. He's still discouraged about tasting food. Some days seem better than others. He'll get a quick taste of something, then it will fade. He's also still really tired. He's napping on the couch right now. (Sorry, no pictures.) And his hands are still about the same.

Some fun local news... The Today Show will be at SUNY Oswego tomorrow morning. Al Roker is  doing a week long tour of colleges to set World Records. Al Roker is an alumi of SUNY Oswego, so Oswego is his final stop! They're going to attempt to do the world's longest conga line on ice skates. So if you're up and near a TV, check out The Today Show from 7-9am. And if you're local, our station (Ch. 3) will be live from 4am-7am as well. (They will also be live on Facebook.) And for those wondering if Alex will be there... I have no idea. Getting that kid to answer a text message is like pulling teeth. So if you happen to see him, let me know! Click here for more info if you're interested in learning more about "Rokerthon 3"

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