Thursday, April 27, 2017


I just realized I haven't posted anything lately. Sorry about that! There's really not a whole lot going on. Which isn't a bad thing. 

The above photo will be our "before" shot. The after shot will come next week when we have 6 of those trees removed. It will be pretty obvious in the group of trees to the left of the house. (To the left in this image.) 4 of those trees will be gone, including that one in the middle that looks like it's starting to fall by itself.

Eric is doing well. He's still pretty pooped after a full day of work. He's also been working longer hours/days since TelAuc started last week. So he's extra pooped because of that. Also, his hands and feet are still numb. His appetite is back, as is most of his ability to taste foods. He's eating pretty well. And gaining some more of the weight back.

Poor Jenny. Our lawn guy still hasn't mowed our lawn. We're "that house" on our street. It's really sad. We'd mow it ourselves if we had a mower. Eric put a call into the lawn guy tonight. We don't even know if he's still in town. He's cut our lawn for 8 years, you'd think he'd give us a heads up if he wasn't coming back! Hopefully we'll  hear something soon. Really soon would be nice.

The cruise countdown is down to 30. Getting closer!!

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