Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Random Stuff

Poor Jenny. No, she wasn't hiding because she was bad. She was actually in pain. I took her for a couple of walks on Sunday, and by Monday morning she was in some serious pain. Those old bones and joints are giving her some problems. She was shaking and having a hard time walking. Things managed to work themselves out by the evening and she went on another walk. I don't think she can handle more than 1 walk a day anymore. We'll have to start being more careful with her.

In other random news:

-We're getting a quote for some more trees to be removed. I put red ribbons on 6 trees tonight. Hoping to clear out more of that forest that is our backyard.
- The Mini is in the shop. We're a 1 car family until it's fixed. Not sure exactly what's wrong. The oil light and engine light were on. Eric was concerned it might be serious ($), I'm hoping it's not.
- Eric is currently napping.
- April the Giraffe is still pregnant.

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