Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

We had a mini-Cinco de Mayo celebration this evening. A couple of cerveza's and some burritos for dinner. We do know how to have fun!

It was a quiet week. The weather was terrible, so we mostly bundled up on the couch each night after work. Eric is still having some residual effects from the chemo, especially with his hands and feet. He's pretty frustrated that there's not much change there. Food is tasting better all the time though and he's putting on weight. 

He has his next colonoscopy scheduled. It's 3 days after we get home from vacation. (June 7) I told him he should move it to the next week, but he thinks it'll be good to "empty out" after all that crap he'll be eating. 

Not much else to report from here. We're mostly just counting down to warmer weather and exotic locations. (21 more days...) 

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