Sunday, May 7, 2017

Snazzy Sunday

We went to the Mall today in search of a sport jacket for Eric for the cruise. He has a nice suit, but doesn't want to take a full suit this time. So we found this very snazzy jacket at Sears today. We think it will go nicely with a pair of khakis. And he can wear an oxford shirt and tie along with it and look like a million bucks. And guess how much it cost?? Well, it was regularly priced at $165. It was 50% off. And I had a 15% off coupon. PLUS we had a $52 credit on our Sears card from when we bought the washer and dryer. Sooo... the grand total was $20. Can't beat that!

Eric finally finished up Tel Auc last night. Glad that's over! He's tired enough as it is, but throw on an extra day/night of work every week into the mix, and he's exhausted. (That's Erin, one of the producers, behind him.)

This is happening right now. He's catching up on some much needed rest. See anything unusual behind him?? Heheheh. (No, not the 5 bottles of wine on the china cabinet...)

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Beth L. said...

Did April decided to come to visit your house? Or is that here baby???